Deca75 illustration lineup
Deca75 illustration

About us – the skilled Sommelier & the adventurous Artisan

Nicolai Larsen was taught the trade by his own father, also a wine merchant. Nicolai would from a young age help out in the family’s business and very quickly picked up the skills of the running a successful company.

Nicolai had a natural talent for spotting a great wine and soon became adept at selling quality wine to select customers.

In 1974 Nicolai set up the Nicvin ApS company and now with 50 years of experience, and having followed in his father’s footsteps, he understood the need for growth and was constantly seeking out new opportunities that he felt would complement his business. He is also a skilled Sommelier, with the ability to discern the quality of any great wine.

Nicolai is, in his own right, adventurous in that he has taken the initiative and pursued opportunities and has built a successful business, trading throughout Europe.

Deca75 ready for delivery

Deca75 ready for delivery

Mads Krabbe is a graphic designer by trade but has always loved working with hardwood; the tactile feel of the grain and finding inspiration in the craftsmanship of working with the material to bring out the best in every piece.

And, although that was not going to be the chosen path, Mads always had an inkling towards the mechanics and how things were constructed – often making sketches of his ideas attempting to visualize the object. It was the design process as well as the build that inspired him; feeling the need to be creative – and to create.

Along comes the opportunity where Mads can apply all of his creativity – and test his engineering skills at the same time!
This adventure would be a challenge; how to combine form and function into a Wine Pourer that would thrill as well as inspire!

Mads is mostly self taught and he soon found that it was necessary to develop new skills in order to achieve his goal – and assisted by his tenacious mindset, he did just that!

From a simple pencil sketch to 3D illustration – it took many iterations and several prototypes before the final product was approved and ready for production.