A 2020 vintage Ribera del Duero Pingus BIO mounted in the Deca75. In the wine cellar with Grand Vin de Veuville Récolte 1994, Cockburn's 1955 Vintage Port, Volnay Richot 1958, Chateau Margaux Premiere Grand Cru Classé 1983, Chateau Beychevelle Grand Vin 1963, Chateau Haut Brion 1988, Vosne Romané 1935, Grand Vin de Chateau Latour Premie Grand Cru Classé 1985, Chateau Betailley Grand Cru Classé 1970, Chateau Domaine de Eglise Grand Cru Pomerol 1973

Our story – and passion for wine!

When we first set out on this journey, it was merely to satisfy our own curiosity – we wanted to build a decanter that would serve a simple purpose; pour wine without disturbing the sediment in the bottle.

This journey started a few years back when my friend, a wine merchant for many years, came over to see me. And, as I have been lucky enough to be invited to taste some of his rare vintage wines, I was not too surprised when he presented me with a double magnum bottle – he then also showed me a car jack!

As a gifted raconteur, I knew my friend was about to embark on a great story, but where would this story lead to with such oddly opposed subject matter?

The jack was simply a prop. My friend’s dilemma was how to construct a device that would gently pour the precious vintage wine without ever disturbing the sediment in the heavy bottle? Certainly, not with a car jack!  Of course, I was hooked – not his wine – but the challenge to create a device that would elegantly and efficiently solve the problem of pouring vintage wine straight from the bottle without having to decant it.

I was captivated by his story! – as an artisan and having a passion for designing and making objects in exotic materials, I quickly came to realize that this was going to be my greatest test!
Being a professional designer, I knew that the design process on such an esoteric object would be thrilling, but also well aware that taking on a challenge such as this, with its specific engineering process would be, for me, an ultimate test of form and function.

Such projects certainly can throw up unsuspecting challenges and this one was certainly true to form. However, after a little over four years, we now have a production model that we think fits my friend’s storyline exactly. Not only does it function properly, delivering the precious vintage wine without a trace of sediment, our wine pourer also holds an integrity of design and materials. Certainly, a true compliment to any wine!